Life is Feudal: MMO - Open Beta Test Trailer - Anvil Frame Studio

12 января 2018 г.

The Life is Feudal: MMO OBT is upon us - Start playing now!

The Life is Feudal: MMO Open Beta is now live, and we're inviting you to jump into the harsh and unforgiving medieval world of Abella and take part in this incredibly realistic social experience.

Gather resources to craft the tools you'll need, and make use of all your survival skills to make the most of this survival experience!

You'll start as a lowly peasant, but quickly work your way up the ranks to a welcome citizen, with a home and a place in the world of your own design. Work with others to form alliances and guilds, then cooperate to build towns, cities and even castles, as you and your group expand and create a kingdom worth of the envy of the greatest leaders of the Middle Ages.

Will you rise to glory or fade into obscurity?

Begin your feudal journey:

Music: Theodor Bastard (
Production: Anvil Frame Studio (